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3D animatior looking for a project

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3D animatior looking for a project

I am a 3D animator and I also make some graphics. Has been too hard untill now to find a job cause I stay in an ishland in Greece and I didnt had a proper internet connection.

Now I have a good internet connection and I want to start working as soon as posible. But is even more difficult for me because of my location.

Six months now everyone tells me about my talent and to keep on but that I am far away.

I also realise that a face to face conversation is the best way to achive the communication between two people... but again I am very good on listening and understanding other peoples needs and to be ready before deadlines. I am also very hard worker, perfectionist and I always try to inprove my work.
So for me is quite sad that I cant make someone to trust me just once via internet...even if is quite cold enviroment I dont feel it like that.

I know people who work via internet. I just need to make a start and I am sure that people will trust me more easy after our first work.

Please help me to get out because I really love animation....Any help or any advice will make gradefull