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I'm finding all the cool work here very inspiring. Although I'm way less prolific than some of you...thought I'd like to start to share too.

Here's something I did with Sketchbook Pro 2 with Wacom (last April 2007):


Here's something more recent:

I might take a stab at this with the Wacom too.

C & C's welcome!



This was our final Color Theory project. We were supposed to use 6 color schemes.

As you look left to right:

-Monochromatic (like "Hue Shift" above)
-Analogous - Similar/adjacent colors on the color wheel (in this case blue and green)
-Triad - (like "Cat Eye" above)
-Complementary colors - Opposite each-other on the color wheel
-Split complementary - The two colors on either side of the complementary color (blue, yellow-orange & red-orange)
-Double complementary - Two pairs of colors opposite on the color wheel (blue and orange, yellow and violet in this case)

Here's the original - Gemini 4 Space-walk:

I added a bucket on his foot to blow off some steam...after my teacher yelled at me for the scorpion/skull image above. She said "No one would EVER want to hang THAT on their wall!"


Wow...sounds like you did it all. It must've been cool...and now to be able to look back at all that work. And you must've done well in the $$ department...Mulholland and South Corona ain't sluming it!


Are there any projects you've worked on that you can mention?

BTW My nephew got a business degree...and now works at a bank. Today he said that he thought that creating art must be great because in the end you have something to show for your efforts.

He said "No one ever asks to read my old school term papers...and no one but my clients and the IRS ever want to look over my bank papers!"


Hey dude it wasnt right or wrong, nothing is in art! Its all subjective. It just depends on whether the art meets the desired end.

Ah artrage is great though! I dont use it myself, but Ive messed around with it before. Its great for getting in there and just experimenting!

Keep the good work coming dude!

Hey there Chairman,

Your nephew sounds like a funny guy hahahaha and to just mention a couple shows and movies I've worked on ......Knight rider, AirWolf, Ghost Busters, Money pit, Harry and the Hendersons.

ya those where the days. As far as making the money......I'm actually makeing more doing what I do now. I'm a project Manager for a Developer.
and also a wanna be artist:rolleyes:

love the bucket hahahahahahahahaha color too


Your teacher was wrong anyway, I'd hang that on my wall.
Interesting stuff.

hey dude your coloured sketch - you did really well in having a focal point there, the way the nearest hand is slightly out of focus and the face etc is sharp. It draws the eye in well. Nice one! And cool rendering, I wonder where the teddy came from? haha.

Thanks so much for the nice comment and holiday wishes Cart! Hope your holiday season was a good one!

Thanks also for checking my thread out waheednasir. I see what you mean about the balance. I was running out of time...and decided just to focus on that front leg. I wish I'd had more time because I liked the model and I was feeling good about the pic.


Recently I've been fascinated by some of the "speed drawings and paintings" people post on YouTube.

So I found a good capture software...and decided to try my hand at it myself.

After I did a couple of quick tests I did my first full drawing with the capture software running:

I set the software to take a pic every 3 seconds...and it puts them in an .avi at 20 frames per second.

When I was done I had over 3 minutes of a video capture of the making of that drawing. Anyone wanna do the math at how long the whole drawing took?


Anywho...I edited it together with music and some and titles...if you want you can check it out here:

I think I might do a lot more of's quite interesting to watch your own drawing come together.


Thanks John!! Glad you liked the bucket...I laffed when I was doing it!!


Thanks too Dobut! As I said in your thread...I dig yer stuff!!


Last fall I took a flash class through the business Computer Information Sciences program at school. The emphasis was on Action Scripting/Controls, pre-loaders, navigation etc...rather than the artistic side.

Although I didn't have much time to get creative...I tried to as much as possible.

If ya wanna check out the assignments...they are here:

There are 4 assignments you can get to if you follow the navigation:

If you've seen my more recent YouTube'll see I first used the desert scene/long foreshadows for one of the assignments.


Here's a recent 15 minute gesture I did for Life Drawing 2.

The "model" was a Prud'hon original.


nice job mate, appropriate colors just according to your scene and i enjoyed the video too...:).

I decided to make it it easier to check out each assignment by giving links that'll take you directly to each one. You can still use the link above if ya wanna see it from the top.


1 - Lip Sync - Captain Picard gets down! :D :

2 - The Fishtank - Something's fishy with this one! :rolleyes:


I'll add the last 2 assignments soon.

Thank you waheednasir! I appreciate you checking it out.

I haven't had much time for the forums started again...and "real" life has been encroaching!!

Anyway...thought I'd post a few things I've done recently.

From my sketchbook...this was a quick sketch done one night at a burger joint:


I've been using Sketchbook Pro a LOT:

This one is a start on a caricature I'm doing for a challenge at another forum:

I'm having fun with the whole pic...and will post it here when I'm done.

I've been entering a lot of those challenges because I'm finding they really stretch me and make me draw things I normally wouldn't. More of a "self" challenge than a competition IMO.

On this one we were supposed to draw a politician:

Here's another recent challenge. We were given a description of a rather zany "holy" man named Rishi...and were asked to draw him in a leisure activity.

My caption:

Holy Man Rishi wins yet another game of one-on-one...with a neat liitle trick he picked up recently: Levitation!!!


Thanks cart!

Drew this one over my burger tonight:


I joined John's blog and needed to create a character for it. I came up with Reginald T. Stonehouse III, esq:

I found the original charater in a book called The Complete Book Of Cartooning by John Adkins Richardson. I'd always like it so I took a freehand stab at it.

And finally...I wanted to give "Reggie" a body and start to turn him in here's my first take on that.

Hope you enjoy!


A red conte study I did before the one I posted on page 1 of the guy.

I had less I focussed mostly on the leg....but I just saw this one again and kinda liked the feel of it.

It's on gray paper about 17" x 22".


cool thread you got goin here :)

Thanks Ken. Appreciate you looking in.

Here's the final image from the Oprah caricature above. The idea was to put a "celebrity" into the Marvel universe and make a movie poster etc.

Here's my final pic.

Other than the lettering, the lense flair and the gradient backgrounds it's all free hand. The faces are my caricatures based on reference photos found on-line.

I've been watching a LOT of YouTube tutorials on painting and spent a lot more time trying to get that right.

I'll post a close up detail of her face from this pic asap.

It's funny bercause I work in very large canvases in Sketchbook Pro because it allows me to get finer detail (smaller brushes etc).

But when I pull back for the full image...a lot of those details aren't noticable.


I'm not a horror film buff...and I think I'm pretty "normal"...but it seems like I draw a lot of "dark" images.

An instructor of mine...calls it the "1st year art school syndrome" and said no one will want to hang my art on their wall.



Oh well...I just draw...and let it out. Mebbe down the road I'll draw some lighter, fluffier images.


I've been working on facial expression. Here's another Sketchbook/wacom thang that I did in a few hours recently:

C & C's welcome.

Here's the third of the Flash assignments:


Halloween Card - Small children and the faint of heart...should avoid this one! ;)

And the last one:


Zodiac Assignment - Proably one of the most accurate you'll EVER read for Leo and Sagittarius!! :rolleyes:


If ya got a sec...please check some of these out and let me know what you think.

Hey, nice site. I like the skull in bg of the zodiac.
Funny idea, No Capricorn yet though!
I like your charcoal sketches as well.

what are you studying btw?
The pencil sketch looks like John Tesh. I imagine he's losing it at a concert, maybe telling-off a cougher.

Hi Jeff,

Glad to see someone new here !! Don't worry about the darkness of your images besides the only thing dark about what I see is the B grounds and there is nothing wrong with that.


Hi all...hi Cart,

Some big time stuff there Senor Cart! The TV series Harry and the Hendersons...or the movie? I just found the movie on it!


When I lived in LA...the joke was that EVERYONE was a hyphenate:

No one was just a waiter...they were an actor-screenwriter-musician-director-waiter!!!


Glad you found a good $$$ job...and it may be more fun to have art on the side without all the pressure anyway!!

Here's a recent drawing I did. I'm trying to work on "pushing" expression:

This next one is the first time I inked a full drawing in my sketchbook. I used micron pens and prismacolor grey markers.

Thanks for checking it out Doubt!! Capricorn eh? Well, I always planned on finishing that zodiac...I still plan too.........someday..........


I was absent mindedly watching tv last night...and this character popped into my head. I could see him in my mind as plain as if I was holding a picture of him in my hand.

I jumped up and ran to the 'puter...and in fairly short order got this much:

As I worked the image faded from my head...but I'll still keep refining this I think.


I never knew you were Reginald? man thats great work Chairman you had me totally stumped !!!! man i have to get out more often hahahaha

Well.....................................where is the rest of it? hummmmmmmmmm?

just kidding keep it up its coming along ...... question? have you noticed something wrong with his legs?


^^^ SLAVE DRIVER!!!! ^^^^^




Hi Cart. Yeah...the leg's......

I usually begin with the form and add layers above. This time I worked on one layer...and I kinda lost the form as I went along.

I wanted that lumbering, ox kinda guy, muscular AND soft at the same time. With a bit of a reverse hyperflex visible on the right knee.

Anywho...I tried to rebuild the original construction...and left it visible to help me see what was going on...and tried to fix the pants and boots around that a bit:

Is this on the way to fixing what you saw? Is there something specific I can do?

I like this I'll keep trying to sort it out...but it's nice to have another set of eyes.

Thanks Cart!!

: )

hahaha looking good!


<-- Graphiteman: I began studying computer art about 4 years ago at a community college near me. I took 2 and 3D (flash n maya) animation, Web-design, graphic art etc.

About 2 years ago I began taking fine art classes color theory, 2D design, and now Life Drawing and Drawing classes. I'll probably take painting next semester.

LOL!! Tesh losing it at a THAT I'd like to see!! :D

<-- cartuneman: Thank so much! Are you also over at the animation forum too?

Here's some work for life drawing I just turned in Thursday. The first assignment we were supposed to take a master work and create a contempory scene in charcoal...using the structure from the Master work. I chose Vemeer's "Diana And Her Companions":

Here's my take on it:


This next one was a red, black and white conti drawing on grey paper. We had the model for 2 three hour sittings. I hadn't finished it in class...and the model allowed me to take a pic...and I finished it at home:

C & C's most welcome!

Thanks again Graphiteman and cartuneman!

howdy Chairman,

The singles dance is funny .....i've been there. hahahahahaa

keep posting my freind and yes I was Hyphenated for to many years hahahahahahahaha



I'm pretty sneeky aint I cart! :D

But seriously...I tought you knew! LOL!


So here's a closer view of my poster:]

Thanks for looking in!!

Z's picture

You seem to be improving, but, what I'd work on next, is try more dynamic poses. Your characters seem like they're standing up flat. You seem to be working at it though, good job.



Thank you sir!

Love yer wizard poster. I'll keep em coming too!


Now those last two are cool.

I like the first better .........I like the concept. To look at time that way.
and yes I'm over there too hahahaha heck I think I'm every where except Hollywierd. But hey I worked there for about 11 years hahahahaha now I'm sort of semi retired and just a doodeling.
Visit my blog anytime. I'd love to see more of your stuff sir. Please post more!


Thanks Ken!

Hey dude it wasnt right or wrong, nothing is in art! Its all subjective. It just depends on whether the art meets the desired end.

That's pretty much what I meant.


So I've been working as much as I could on this...between school and life and all...and here's what I have so far:

I may or may not do anything else...but I learned a TON doing this one!


Z's picture

I dunno, I preferred this sketch when it was still in black and white. And why does he look like he's floating on the teddy bear?


Thanks! I am working at it as much as I can...and studying books and watching tutorials.

I do appreciate your observation...and agree I need to begin working on more dynamic poses.

Thanks for looking in!

Lovin' the Teddy Bear and the color.

i like it mate and me too like the feel of this work, pure traditional...:).

i might balance the light on right (rear) leg, but thats subjective, i like what u've done...:).

all the best. I opened Art Rage today just to mess around...thinking about being more dynamic...and here's what came out:

It's free hand without a reference...but I'd admit to the sub-conscious influence of Jackson's Lord Of The Rings Gollum.

I'm going to keep working on this one.


love the extreme exaggeration and the anatomy is looking good.

Not sure if you meant it but the right arm looks really long - I know its exaggerated, pose etc but i think his forearm would need to be a bit bigger to make the arm look less long if you get what i mean. Hard to explain what im trying to say lol

but yeh, its cool! lookin forward to updates :D

Z's picture

Actually, I like the fact that the right arm and hand are both super long. That's a little bit more interesting pose too. Good job. You put more care into all of your drawings, it would seem. I'm just so darn impatient and doodle things as quick as I can.


love the extreme exaggeration and the anatomy is looking good.

Not sure if you meant it but the right arm looks really long - I know its exaggerated, pose etc but i think his forearm would need to be a bit bigger to make the arm look less long if you get what i mean. Hard to explain what im trying to say lol

but yeh, its cool! lookin forward to updates :D

haha No I get what you're saying. I'm kinda spoiled by Sketchbook Pro. I did that image in Art Rage...and it doesn't have a lasso/selection tool (someone tell me if I'm wrong).

In Sketchbook...if something looks out wack...I can select it and move it around, resize it etc...and sometimes not have to completely redraw it.

But I know that's a I'll have to look at that arm and see what I can do. I might even take a pic of my own hand and arm as a reference!

Thanks for the extra set of eyes, Ken!


Hey cart,

Thanks! My insturctor gave me a B+ on 'em though. :confused:

Oh well...better get used to it...I'm sure art directors are worse!!


You lived/worked in Hollyweird? Animating?

I lived out there (all over LA) for about 10 years doing the music thang. Moved away 11 years ago...after the floods, fires, riots, earthquakes, infestations, plagues etc! :eek:


Actually, I like the fact that the right arm and hand are both super long. That's a little bit more interesting pose too. Good job. You put more care into all of your drawings, it would seem. I'm just so darn impatient and doodle things as quick as I can.


We were both writing at about the same time.

Glad you like gave me good advice about going more dynamic for sure! I needed to try to shake things up a bit.

I liked that extreme thang too...but agree with Ken that something isn't quite right yet. The best part is I can mess with it in Art Rage...and go back to this version as often as I need to!


So your a quick draw guy eh? :D That's good in a way.

I do tend to fuss over details...often I'll work on something up close in Sketchbook or Art Rage....that you can't see at all when you pull back!


Looks to me like you have anatomy wrapped up! hey just wanted to wish you and yours a happy Holiday!

Zach: Don't like it much eh? ;)

Frozen: Thanks much for looking in and commenting!



So, last night I opened Sketchbook and set out to draw the "evil teddy bear again.

Somehow the pic went all cute on me.



haha the skating teddy bear is cute! Unless of course the camera pans out to reveal the decapitated victim...... :D