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hi guys, flash help please :)

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hi guys, flash help please :)

heya im in my first year of animation in college, and im jus thinking about my end of year htinkin bout a kinda film noir style short animation, hand drawn, uploaded in flash with added effects etc whutever

ive been looking for a good flash tutorial for rain, but cant seem to find many good ones...

i found this...

could someone please tell me how to do something like that, it would be perfect for my film :D

thanks in advance :)

A basic rain effect is pretty easy. Rain is perceived not as drops, but as the blur the motion of those drops creates on film.

To do rain, just paint a straight line of a moderate length (you can have a slightly thicker bottom end if you want a more cartoony effect) and make it a symbol. When you animate it, move the symbol as far as the symbol is tall from frame to frame - so if your symbol is 20 pixels tall, it should move 20 pixels from one frame to the next. Repeat a lot until you have the density of rain you're looking for.

Foreground drops should be longer and larger, and background drops shorter and narrower to get a sense of perspective.

You may want to animate several drops inside another symbol, then use that symbol on the stage. You won't have to track dozens of drops on the stage, and you can scale and rotate to get the look you're after.

That just looks like an overlay of a loop. I've had much more impressive results from actionscript with a much small footprint, but that won't work for those of you that convert to video.

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thanks for the replies :)

yeh im jus gonna play around with flash and see what happens :D

When I was starting out in Flash I loved to search and download the examples in the "movies" section of Flashkit.

You can download and see if they work for your application. They are free source sharing of techniques.

Scroll down there are so many ads there now, but there are still some great ideas available.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.