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Watch my Son on 30 Rock

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Watch my Son on 30 Rock


Just a proud Dad telling you that our son, Matt, will make a guest appearance on 30 Rock this Thursday, Oct. 11th...of course, unless he ends up on the cutting room floor. He just graduated North Carolina School of the Arts in June.

He was featured in the semi-lesson on anticipation a month ago or so...on my blog.

He is a very funny man!


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Awesome. I love that show. What's his part?


Well...he plays a character named's a once off role...we think.

Thanks for asking.

Congrats to your son Larry! I don't have cable but I'll be sure to get a friend to Tivo it! Does Matt live out here in LA?

I believe 30 Rock is shot in New York.

New York it is

Yes, Matt lives in NYC.

The agency that reps him has offices on both he will be back and forth.

He attended a conservatory type program which is always has more substance.

Thanks Rob- I will let you know when he is out there...