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Big-Time Animator Needed for University Event

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Big-Time Animator Needed for University Event


I'm looking for suggestions on names of animators who you guys may have worked with or have heard of who've visited schools - and would be good to invite to a university to speak on his/her experiences in animation. The Visual Arts Department at South Dakota State University has started new coursework in animation and is looking to advertise with a big/notable name.

I'm also looking for thier agents - as we'd need to pay 'em. Any suggestions...or volunteers?


Two things you might want to try:

1. You might want to check out sites like cgTalk and Animation Mentor that have plenty of articles or interviews with different animators and see if any tickle you fancy and contact them directly.

2. You might just want to contact the different companies who your students want to go work for and ask their recruiting people if they can suggest any of their animators who might be interested and are available.

Most animators don't have agents and are eager to talk to aspiring animators about the art. It's usually a matter of if they can get away because they are in production and recruiters usually know the productions schedules and who is working on what project.


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Thanks Ed

Good suggestions - Thanks!

Hello Here's two!!!

Try Jason Ryan... (animation supervisor at Disney and now Dreamworks)Lead on Chicken Little

or Matt Shumway ( animation supervisor at R and H) did a great job on Aslan in Narnia.



Great suggestions - they are on the list - it just depends on how busy and how much!

I'm also trying to track down contact info on Andreas Deja (also of Disney-dom). He came to a former institution of mine and did a great show. Any ideas on his contact info?

BTW, I just referred my intro to 2D clas to your site for additional info on walk cycles. Thanks Larry!

Say hi to the sunny South for us - we just relocated to South Dakota from Myrtle Beach, SC.

Best -Cable