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Aniboom awards 2007 - It's on!

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Aniboom awards 2007 - It's on! is having its annual competition, which begun just a few days ago. You can be one of this year’s winners! The competition is open to beginners, students and professionals - whoever you are, as long you animate! :)
Just upload your movie unto to join the competition!

Out of 1700 entries from 70 countries, last year's winner Jossie Malis took home a grand prize of $25,000. Also, this year, we have gathered an impressive panel of industry experts from seasoned animators to media executives to select the best of the best.

You can read more about the awards here. You may consult me with every questions you might have.


Just a reminder that the 2007 Aniboom Awards is still in progress. Our annual online animation competition is accepting entries from all over the world. Stop-motion, 3D, 2D, Flash…it doesn't matter what your medium is - if you make animation, this competition is for you. It's easy to submit your film and with $50K worth of prizes, it’d be a shame not to. Just click on over to, register for a free account and upload as many as you want.


Noa :cool:

Since I don't want to spam, I'll keep updating here:
The Awards are almost over!
we have 15 winners from the last 3 months, and 5 golden ticket winners that will be joining them tomorrow!

Some of the winning movies feature awesome 3d work: a spot of rain Halluci Cheese :D

We have selected the first group of Winners!

Check them out here!