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Looking for fresh animators.

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Looking for fresh animators.

Are you an animator, an animation student or just an animation fan? You Could be what I'm looking for ! :p

My Name is Noa and I'm working as a content Recruiter For aniboom - the home of animation. I'm also an aspiring animator myself, but that's a different story.

Aniboom is designed to be the world's leading animation portal. Interactive and user generated - the ultimate site for animation based Internet entertainment. It's open to everyone in the animation industry: From top professionals to semi-professionals, amateur animators and of course all animation fans everywhere - for where would we be without an adoring audience? :D

Other than maintaining a community, aniboom also has competitions and awards. Last year's winner was a video called Bendito Machine, and its creator got a modest award of a 25,000$ . :)

We're Having another competition that will be open for submissions later this month, and of course - I'll keep you guys updated.

Iam a freelancer . Ihave done a one min. 3D anim movie recently
would you like to sea it?

Hi Noa,

I would be interested in submitting to your festival/competiton if its not to late.

Film Title: When The World Goes Dark
approx. 7min. 2D/3D animation

Anthony Paul Scalmato

best way to contact me: