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Would You be Interested in Workshops?

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Would You be Interested in Workshops?


We've been kicking the idea around for a while and we wanted to know who would be interested in online workshops here at AWN?

These workshops would include assignments, handouts, feedback and the ability for folks to upload images and short movies and to download lectures and such.

Which ANIMATION topic would you choose?

What level of topic would you suggest?

Here are a few ideas - just to get things rolling!

A CHARACTER DESIGN WORKSHOP that explores character construction, design elements, proportion, clothing, fur, plus facial masks, and maybe some posing. (level to be determined) for a hero. villivan love interest and sidekick...and they don't have to be human!

THE EMOTION SACK - a half filled sack of flour enters the frame and has to express and transition into three different emotiions (no ...drunk is not an emotion). This exercise involves posing, thinking time, reversals and all the normal animation stuff.

THE LIFT - a character enters the frame expressing an emotion- they see a 120 lbs. box near center stage. They go over and look at the box and then proceed to antic, grab, lift, cushion the weight , antic thrust the box on a 6 ft. high shelf. they can be successful or unsuccessful.

So there you go...

Thanks for your feedback!!!

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