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Rhino 3D or Maya??

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Rhino 3D or Maya??

I'm designing a car and want to know the better or best software to use to create the car. I plan on putting weapons on he car and other features I want to animate ans stand out. I'm deciding between Maya and Rhino 3D. They both look like great software packages. Maya may be better known but Rhino3D looks pretty good. At $2000 Maya is not budget friendly but at $900 Rhino 3D is.

Can you tell me the good and bad of both softwares so I have a better idea of what package to choose. I do not plan on doing any character animation. My focus will be mailnly automotive specifically race cars but I may design something else besides race cars. Also, if you know any budget friendly software other than Rhino 3D and Maya let me know.

Well, if you need a more friendly budget take a look to XSI Foundation. For $500 you gain a great software with great tools for animation (and modeling too)

Rhino is fantastic for for industrial design, but is not an animation program. If you are wanting to BUILD your car, Rhino is better since it is CAD. If you are wanting to ANIMATE your car, then use Maya or another animation program.

William Sutton
Zandoria Studios