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Show us what you got...

I was inspired by the folks at BLUE SKY STUDIOS, they keep a website of doodles. Someone suggests a topic, and they run with it.

How about we do something similar here? I'll pose the first "challenge." Draw your favorite Sesame Street character....

For example, there was a blue sky challenge to draw your favorite Pixar character. This is one of them:
Mr. Incrediyear

by eric
for more movies and downloads

the fastest polygon in the west!


Let's see some of your Finn Factory talent first?

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

phacker - hi there. unfortunately, i am not an animator or artist of that type. I wish I was. Seeing everyone's work here brightens my day. I am, as you stated, working on developing my company, finn factory. I have written and developed a children's program that I am currently showing around. Have been for a beat or two now. Things are progressing and i'm very proud of it. Thanks for you thoughts.