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Well, sharpen up your rotten vegetables. I launched a blog and posted a couple videos to You Tube...

Well, due to an apartment deal in Tacoma falll through, I'm back home in Louisville, looking for a mundane day job. Once that's squared away, I'll start looking for freelance boarding gigs.

The good news is, I was invited to upload "Buggin' Out!" to a site called Crackle, where it's gotten a little praise, and about 200 hits a day. There's more about it, and a link on the blog.

I'm a newbie at stuff like this but why did the copyright say Vancouver Film School?

I guess you went there but shouldn't it have your name instead?

No, VFS has the rights to those particular shorts.

That mantis one was cool. The Snack time short left me wanting more. I like how it cuts out at the end and the audio still runs on. Great stuff.

Hey fellow VFS-er! Congrats on finishing the films, that is a huge accomplishment (ecspecially learning Flash for the first time while making a short film) Whew! Give yourself a week or two to get some rest and congrats again.

Thanks! Your VFS projects are humbling in originality and skill. I don't think more than two of your teachers would still be there. And, as you'd find in my posts on the animation school thread, I have some pretty mixed feelings on the subject. It turns out, most of my class felt pretty much the same way.

I wish had the luxury of taking a week off. But I'm trying to hit the ground with my feet instead of my face, and being a VFS grad has yet to even get a phone call returned.

Please forgive me Dr.Specter for getting back to you so late. I am indeed a forgetful forum folk:o

Thanks for the compliments, that is really very nice of you; but now for the facts behind those films... When I finished my VFS films and everything, I was so embarrassed by them due to my lack of pre-planning, imagination, etc., that it took me a long time (nearly 2 years) to dust them off and show anybody outside of my close friends and family (let alone post them to the internet;)) So in other words keep going. Your work and work ethic will shine through in the end, no matter what school you went to or how you feel about everything today.

Good heavens, I can't believe so many instructors have left! That saddens me, but all of the instrucors there at VFS are so talented that I am sure they went to a better enviornment for them (ecspecially after hearing about what has been happening).

Well congrats again on your films, and I am sending you good vibes across the border re: the job hunt. Let us know what happens.