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Need to buy short animated clips

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Need to buy short animated clips

Where can one buy short animated clips for kids (1-2 mins long)? Does not matter whether it is in english, chinese, spanish or some other language. My preference is for pleasant/bright looking characters and surroundings more than numerous frames per second.
Any suggestions/offers would be appreciated.

Maybe we can produce one for you

If you can not find one, we may produce one for you. According to your request I think it would not be a big project. Of course it would not cost much. Think about it:)

You may check our 2d animation section reels.

I think our upcoming 3d animation series are right for you. We will upload them soon. Or you can send us an email to request them.

Our website :

zafari sample

Take a look at the sample here

you can view or download on PC or mobile phone as well.


Outsourced Services
YIM: asifbiz Skype: cubexsystems

great clips

Cool! The art is great but I did not see any animation. Would love to see the 3d work too.

Download the following links:

Download our video clips to your computer and then play them on your computer locally. DO NOT PLAY THE CLIPS ONLINE. Because AVI format does not work well for streaming media.

If you can not play the clips, you would have to download K-Lite Mega Codec and install it. With the K-Lite Codec Pack you should be able to play all the popular movie formats and even some rare formats.The link is:

Some reels of our 3d works:

Press Read more to see the details of each title and beneath the title you will find download. Right click it and choose Save as to download the animation clip. DO NOT PLAY THE CLIPS ONLINE.

Feel free to explore our website.

Please let us know if we can assist you in any other way.


I am currently starting work on some new shorts entitled Pirate Fish, you can check out come of my initial stuff at
I am also working on another project entitled Spooky Hollow again initial stuff is on
Both these projects are in the very early stages.
My main site address is
I can also produce charcters and animation at a relatively low cost.
Email me if you wantto discuss this more!



Thanks! I will look at these and contact you.
I am basically looking for short children's animation (only 5/6 frames per second) or just digital art (10-20 pages that form a story - like comic books). My focus is on good art and characters for now.
Sorry for not being so clear but being a total newbie I don't know the jargon, just have the concept in mind and business plan in development.