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Seeking advice on getting animation for a TV show

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Seeking advice on getting animation for a TV show

I am in the development stage for a TV interview show that would use animation to illustrate what is being discussed and to visually entertain the viewers. What will be initially sought is one to two minutes of animation for a five-minute demo. The demo used to get a greenlight and funding to produce a pilot. What I would appreciate is advice on how best to hire an animation house to do this.

The animation sought would look like it was quickly created as the conversation progresses. It is expected that different scenarios will be discussed and the animation is to backtrack and then present these additional possibilities. The animation being occasionally humorously self-aware is also sought. Flash animation would probably do. I am open to suggestions.

Sent you a private message.

figure out what you will provide the animation house with.

establish what it is you want from them (exactly)

the kind of art work you have in mind will help you decide what kind of animation house you want to go for (see their demo reel, get a test done)