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Live action "?" Scene Markers

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Live action "?" Scene Markers

Really sorry to be asking a live action question here, but this is the only forum I belong to that might know the answer. My younger cousin is making a short film for school, and I thought it would be a cool present to get him one of these:

Problem is, I'm not sure what its called or where I can buy one online. I looked up the phrase "scene marker" and that is how I pulled up the picture. But none of the web results took me to one.

Any help is appreciated. I'm starting to get annoyed.


Try searching on "clapper" or "clap board".

Yah, I was always told "clapboard."

You can get clapboards (I usually call them "slates") at a number of online sites that sell production equipment. B&H Photo has a variety. For a student, I recommend this one:

Thanks. That is a huge help. I'll probably go with the the student one that you showed me.

Thanks again,