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need fast producing of 2d animation tv series?

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need fast producing of 2d animation tv series?

hi there..

i'm indonesian, i had an animation studio named Javalight Animation.
Established since 2002 in Jogjakarta City.
Now we had more than 100 employees of Cartoon Artists, Creatives, and Animators.
We trully believed that we allready had animation world-class standard for tv series.

Javalight Animation gives solutions to You to produce 2D animation serial movies, with advantages;
1.Producing Time,
a.56 episodes in 9 months,
b.28 episodes in 6 months,
c.13 episodes in 4 months.
(with assumption, 1 episode is once show for 23 minutes)
2.High in Quality
3.Low of Payment
Our track records prove our abilty to deliver high quality, speed of producing,
effective and cost efficient solutions on time and within budget.

Check out our website, here

We love Animation!

Best Regards
Jl. Poncowolo No. 28. Jogjakarta. 55252 INDONESIA
Phone : +62 274 375262
email :
yahoo iD : info_javalight
ICQ Number : 465284382

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Animation writer who loves...Animation!

Animation writer who loves...Animation!