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Pink Panther model sheets - walk cycle?

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Pink Panther model sheets - walk cycle?

Maybe a bit of a long shot asking for this, but my friend missed quite a bit of college during the year, and has to catch up during the summer break...she cant get her hands on pink panther model sheets for the walk cycle.

If anyone had them, or links to them, itd be very much appreciated :)

You and your friend could also buy the Pink Panther dvd set.

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Seek and ye shall find . (Google, etc.)

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Ok, after that high-handed public service announcement , I won't make you suffer . Here ya go (see zip file attached)

These are pretty good and will do the job just fine , but
in my opinion the best Pink Panther model was the one used in the Richard Williams-directed titles for "Return of The Pink Panther" .
If you could get a DVD of that movie and make frame grabs of the Pink Panther animation from that (mostly by the great Ken Harris) then you'd have a great looking Pink Panther model sheet.


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Some artwork of the Pink Panther here :

Ken Harris Master Animator - Pink Panther Gallery

This is the one I meant , the one from "The Return of the Pink Panther" title sequence , done by the Richard Williams Studio . Your friend should see if she can track down that movie on DVD and take a look at that opening title sequence to get some inspiration and good frame grabs as reference for drawing the Pink Panther , in addition to the model sheets I uploaded in my previous post.

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thank you very very much

and my friend greatly appreciates it also :D