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PaperBird's Gallery

Hello there! I'm A highschool student and a wannabe animator. I try and do alot of sketching of real life (though maybe not 100% realistic) along with cartoons. So, here's a little of my stuff.

These were drawn during my younger sister's volleyball game

That's a sort of toony sketch of her in the bottom left

And this page at a water polo game

Thanks for looking and I have more on the way :D

nice, good start :cool:

Some more stuff

Some people (Icluding a sideways man)

One of my dogs

And a few quick water color and pen sketches. These kind of got destroyed by my scanner

More to come! Any artistic criticism is welcome

Thanks alot for the comment and suggestion! It's really appreciated. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of access to a zoo, but I do watch people on the street. Thanks again for the nice words!