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Walk cycle - feedback needed.

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Walk cycle - feedback needed.

Please take a look, something isn't quite right ...

I think the head bobs up too high on frame 14/15. There also may need to be more push off when the feet move back. There's a great flip motion when the feet start to come back down, but there isn't a flip when the feet lift off the ground. Hope this helps.

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Hi, nice work, but i think what is not looking right is that the flamingo kicks when he lifts his leg, this implies in an acceleration effect. if you try the opposite, slow down, during the passing position, or just make the movement smoother, more constant, will give a natural feeling to the walk.

Good luck

Giancarlo T. Burani


Interesting animation....

I would suggest to work on the weight.

Try to make it feel as if the bird has weight by paying attention to the leg of support. Make the body "squash" down a little bit on it.

This is all, keep up the good work.


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Good eyes! Just what I needed. I reduced the head bounce, added more of a push off and thrust to propel it forward. Getting there.


Hey. Nice updates!

There's still a problem I see and that's the bend of it's feet. It's much too "hard" or fast. You might want to slow down the acceleration on it's feet with it bends. Hope that helps.

I'm guessing on the frame numbers but the note has to do with frames 30 thru 32 or the end of the cycle.
As the right foot goes down it appears as if the body drops/dips down to far causing it to look as if it has a limp.
Ummm, also the feather (center) on the butt. That seems like it could be more subtle, my eye keeps getting drawn to it bouncing up and down....... which may be good if that's what your going for, these are just the two things that popped out to me :)
Great job and good luck.

The timing of the feet does not seem to match the timing of the body movement.

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The body's up and down movement needs to be worked out better. Right now it chunks down right at the end right before it loops back to frame one.

After you get that done, watch your arcs on the feet and Knees. They are all over the place. The feet are quite a bit better than the first version but the knees are still horrible. It moved forward, then back then forward again. Clean that up. The knee moves before the foot so get that nailed down before you tackle the foot.

Save the head bob till last.

the Ape


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taking care of those knees ...

I think I fixed them. Or got them a little closer. One thing I'm trying to achieve is to get the front foot quite high before it hits the ground. I had it going too far forward and that caused the knee to travel backward.

I pulled out my "Survival Guide" and adjusted my Up and Down.

I didn't do anything with the headbob, but I think it fits better.

Once I get this a little more correct, I'll add side-to-side tilt to the pelvis and get an angled view.

note: my geometry did some funky things on the neck transfering from the schools Maya 8.5 to my home Maya 7. I bit the bullet and bought the upgrade ... might as well take advantage of my student status.

My wing lacks purpose. Not sure what to do with it.

I'll do more tomorrow because now it lacks the bounce that I liked in the second one.

Walk Revisited in scene.

This is part of a short I'm working on where the flamingo walks into the scene, very excited to see two other flamingos, and he goes to meet them.

I tried to work a bit more with weight (push off, landing, balancing) as well as add a bit of character. The flamingo's meant to be a bit ungainly below (feet & legs) while a bit more graceful on top.

P.S. this is just a play blast, the horizon line will fade into the background when rendered and the scene will be lit and color correced.

Looks better. The first leg hits a wall though. Right when the foot gets to the farthest forward position, it just stops and comes straight down to the ground. The knee also does the same thing at that point, then it shoots forward in two frames right before the foot touches the ground. Once again, watch your arcs.

Don't do it on this walk, but after you get this walk smoothed out and working, try another walk and add some personality to it. As it is now, it's more of a basic human walk. Try changing up the timing and spacing and make it more bird like. Like have things slow-in and slow-out quickly. Like I said, iron out everything in this walk first, then play with the timing later.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."