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Daniel Poeira Gallery

I've been away from a long while, but it's a pleasure to be back... I'll create my little gallery too so I can scare people away with my terrible drawings.

This is a test image for a movie I'm working on. The background is an oil paint and the character is done in vectors, but the original drawing was a huge sketch I did on a whiteboard at the school I work at. A student took a photograph of it, sent it to me via e-mail, then I vectorized it and colored :)

tell us more...

Ola Daniel

Is it a short or a feature film you are working on?
By the is animation doing in Brasil?



Hi carpediem;

it will be a short movie, maybe around 13 minutes. I´m still working on the audio and testing the technique to see how it will be done.

The state of animation in Brazil is quite bad, but much much better than it was a few years ago. There´s more people studying it, some people creating studios, etc. The government is slowly beginning to support it by giving some money support. This movie I´m working on, for instance, is going to be finnanced by my city government. There is also some TV producers in São Paulo who are working on selling brazilian produced material to foreign channels. They even hired a canadian producer to come here and help them tighten up the producing process.

So in a nutshell: it sucks, but it´s getting better quickly. Let´s see how far it goes!