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Which screenplay prog to use?

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Which screenplay prog to use?

:rolleyes: Okay, so I'm too lazy to actually search for it!

My writer-buddy is starting to write a screenplay from our childrens book that we've been working on for a few years.

If I recall correctly, there was a couple of programs to choose from (around $200?)...

Note: He works on a Mac.

Any input would be just swell!


iScreenplay? :D

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

Final Draft.

The local Apple store has two programs that are for writting scripts. If you do not have an Apple store near you, I can get the titles this weekend.

I believe the Apple store sells Final Draft and Screenwriter 2000. Both are industry standards, although FD is about 75% of the market.


Thanks everyone! That sounds just like what we're looking for!

Yessir, we have a nice big Apple Store here in Seattle, right next to the University of Washington, no less.

First time I walked into the store I nearly had a seizure! :eek:
I immediately threw myself onto the floor and rolled around to get the scent all over me...kind of a dog thing, but there ya go!

Thanks again...we're goin' a shoppin'!


i use Final Draft for my writing work,its ok though. im sure there is something better out there..

Unsure if there IS anything better!

After getting the "Final Draft" thumbs up here at AWN, a writer friend in LA said that it was a "No brainer" to use Final Draft, as I'm thinking that's what we're going to go shoppin' for...though I must admit, that once in the Apple Store, I'll have to make sure to stick to my one item!;)


Hm. Notepad. And for $200, I'll give you my very own copy.

Or buy a typewriter and do it the traditional way.


Too expensive.

We tried "Pencil", but couldn't pony up the additional coinage for the much needed "Eraser" Plug-in...:rolleyes:


There is one called Celtx that is a very good free program.

I'm using it to write a feature script and I really love it.

I'd try it before buying Final Draft to see if it meets your needs. One area where Celtx is better is that the interface is very clean and modern looking. Final Draft looks a little clunky I think. Final Draft appears to be the Hollywood standard, though.