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Star Wars Anime -My first Attempt Animating!-

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Star Wars Anime -My first Attempt Animating!-

This is my first attempt at creating my own animation...I must say I had my doubts about posting it, since theres a lot of diminishment on the value of the anime style around here....And I understand it.
Anime uses a lot of tricks to cheat in the animation process. Still, for me, the value of anime resides on the stories and ideas I have found on them, that very rarely appear on any other kind of animation or even on cinema.

Anyways heres my first shot at animating! Originally I intended to participate in the Star Wars Movie Challenge this year but......well.......Comments and critiques welcome!!

By the way:
KEN DAVIS is my new hero!!;)

Thank you!

Ahh!:D of those great moments when sleepless nights and marital fights are rendered worthy...I really apretiate your comments.
I know im still far from the quality I have seen around this site, but my real intention behind this, is to practice and learn as much as I and time-keying being my achilles heel at this momment:confused: ....I hope my next attempt its up to quality I have seen in all of you, like SUKI's music video and beeblebrox's 3d anime.....Sorry for my extended answere but It really feels great to recibe a tap in the back once in a while:rolleyes:..After all, thats all you receive for fan films:D

I loved it! Pretty awesome for your first try! What software are you using? And how long did it take you to put this together?

Again - Great work! :)

Thank you!

Thanks a lot for your comment!.....I think it took about 2 months to complete everything.....I used Photoshop & Open Canvas for the Characters/Backgrounds, After Effects to render animation and effects, and finally Premier to add sound and music.

I must say that there are a lot of better options to accomplish this, like Mirage ...But Im not too familiar with those apps to do a complete proyect.. yet;) .

By the way, if someone knows a program where I can preview the 2D animations in real time (without rendering) please let me know! Its really dificult to check the timing on AE since you cant rely in the preview fuction.....

Your pipeline isn't that different from my own. I use Photoshop for original art/ and or scanning and I use ToonBoom Studio for 2D animation. I composite in After Effects and do the final edit out with sound in Premiere.

There's a couple good 2D animation programs out there, if you're into traditional work style. Toom Boom:
and Digicel's Flipbook:

Good Luck! :)


I checked Toon Boom, but its mainly for vector based animation....But Flipbook looks like what I was looking for.....I will check it out.....
Thanks for your advise!

Nice work, SWA. The anime characters in particular are very impressive.

I highly recommend Flipbook. It's the closest thing I've found (on a budget) to duplicate some of the higher end digital ink-and-paint programs out there.

AND - Flip Book is on sale right now! Cool! ;)

Really nice work, I'm impressed. I'm looking forward to seeing more work from you, do you have any thing else coming up?


Thanks MyronStanley!!:D ..... Since I relased this animation, I have been invited to a couple of proyects..... For now Im working in the storyboard for part 2, and also Im helping in the creation of a comic in the local trying to keep my real job:p .
I must say that I'm impressed by how much people has contacted me with invitations to diferent proyects (non-paying gigs:( )....I have been drawing since I can remember, but all what I did ended in a box in my closet....maybe because a bit of shame and fear of critiques.
Now I know I was wrong.....:rolleyes:



Very nice designs: Characters, bg, etc. I was impressed by the fact it releases the feel of a legit anime...although I am admitedly not a fan of anime, I can appreciate hard work.

Btw, where did you release this animation? Just on youtub or did you enter film short festivals?



Thanks for your comments!
Well, it was supossed to be part of the Star Wars Movie Challenge, but It wasnt ready on time:p . So I just released it on Youtube..... And I think I will keep doing the same on future projects, for some reason, it feels great to release you own work, even if you only have a couple of hits, for now, its enough for me :D .



Imagination is much more important then knowledge...

Looks like the real deal.
If you didn't direct me to that link, I might think it was a "legit" Lucas sanctioned series. You really understand anime technically than any fan work I have ever seen.