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Captain Cannabis on CJSF 90.1FM

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Captain Cannabis on CJSF 90.1FM

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Project Page :: Home of "420"

The good thing about cannabis

The good thing about cannabis is that it is legalised in major parts of the world unlike marijuana. That’s actually the main difference, and It’s a fair decision to be honest. In fact, I even go on websites like to order my CBD to have it delivered directly to me. That’s something you can’t do with marijuana. It doesn’t have that freedom.

I will say that cannabis is

I will say that cannabis is not bad at all, but only if used in moderation and only when necessary. I think it's a necessity if you're stressed or stressed out, after a hard day's work, as well as for people who have a lot of brain activity at work. And of course you need to know the measure in the use. I personally do not abuse cannabis, and use it only after a hard day's work and to sleep easier, because insomnia takes place. I also recommend reading Tetrahydrocannabinol delta-8  .

Cannabis has been used for

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years for a variety of medicinal and recreational purposes. Recently, its potential benefits have gained more attention from the public, and the medical community is beginning to recognize the potential health benefits of cannabis and also magic mushroom dried. It has been known to help with the management of chronic pain, reduce inflammation, and provide relief from anxiety and depression. It is also thought to have potential benefits for cancer patients, including relief from nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy treatments. Cannabis is a natural and safe way to achieve a sense of well-being and may even help to improve the overall quality of life.

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An extremely reliable strain

An extremely reliable strain that has aggressive mycelium growth and a stronger resistance to most common contaminations.
This psilocybe cubensis mushroom strain first appeared around 2001 and from what we know the origins include a blend of genetics from an Alabama strain and the classic “Mexican Cabenzi” strain. Order from Buy Alacabenzi Mushroom Online.

After watching his mother

After watching his mother battle breast cancer, Frank Raja saw the power of cannabis first hand, but wondered why no dispensary made it easy or enjoyable to access it thc gummies brisbane, thc gummies Australia. His initials being T.H.C. thc edibles canberra, it only felt natural for Frank to make the industry jump from construction to cannabis. Frank founded THC FRIENDLY in 2021 on a mission to provide the best, easiest, and most enjoyable cannabis experience to consumers in thc gummies canberra, weed gummies australia, weed gummies brisbane, thc edibles qld, thc gummies adelaide, delta 8 gummies australia, delta 9 gummies australia, australia thc gummies, thc gummies au,

As a cannabis user, we’re

As a cannabis user, we’re sure you are looking for high quality products buy edibles online legal that provide you with the effect that you like to enjoy. If you are looking for the best dispensary in Australia, then look no further than the team at The 420 daily high club. With over a decade of experience in providing our customers with a range of high quality products to cater to their way of life, we provide everything that you need to get the most out of your experience. We feature an outstanding range of THC edibles in Australia designed to cater to your unique way of life.weed delivery app australia, 420 near me, 420 delivery perth, buy weed melbourne, buy edibles online australia, buy weed online australia, edibles weed melbourne, weed delivery sydney, where to buy stiiizy pods near me, weed delivery melbourne, buy weed in melbourne.

When buying magic mushrooms

When buying magic mushrooms from FunGuyz, you can choose from a variety of strains, including popular ones like Penis Envy, Golden Teacher, and Blue Meanies. They offer products in dried form or as microdosing capsules, with detailed guides to help you decide which strain suits your needs. FunGuyz ensures quality by sourcing from trusted growers, and they provide fast shipping within Canada. It's important to follow safe practices and legal guidelines when using magic mushrooms for recreational or therapeutic purposes. For more details, visit

Micro Zoomiez is a magic

Micro Zoomiez Magic Mushrooms is located in Ottawa and Toronto . You can find the best magic mushrooms at

At Micro Zoomiez, you can choose from a variety of strains such as Penis Envy and Blue Meanies. Micro Zoomiez offers edibles, microdosing capsules, and dry form. with detailed guides to help you decide which strain suits your needs. Micro Zoomiez Delivers right to your door and ships everywhere in Canada.