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help plz.... i need a reference for lip sync

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help plz.... i need a reference for lip sync

hello there ....
i want a reference for facial expression and lips pronounce letter reference...
(image or video referneces)

thank you guys ... i really appreciate your advices ... and it help me alot..

and i really found capture my pronounce motion is very effictive way...

a mirror and yourself...

just act your sentence really slowly before the mirror, look how you mouth is positioned, when you come to the letter you're at, keep your mouth in that position and draw it on a paper.

when you've got your letters, you can time it on your bodymovements

The webcam is your friend on this issue. Recording yourself is really good for reference.

Tom MDP & Spooze ... thank you for this tip...

i tried it in merror and in webcam also... and it wors fine

thanx very much ... u made my day on

There are some books out there too. "Pixel to Penceils" comes to mind and I think that Larry has something on his blog.

We create all of our characters with 7 different mouth positions as you can see below:

We also sell a video Tutorial that shows you how to create the 7 different mouth positions needed:
Hope that helps!

Flash Character Packs, Video Tutorials and more:

Keep in mind that you're animating sounds, not letters. Don't try to cram too many mouth shapes in because of the letters that make up the words. When we talk we tend to blend from one major shape to the other, rather than forming a shape for each sound.

Watching yourself say the line slowly is good for seeing what shape you make, but say the line at speed as well to see how your mouth transitions from one major shape to the next.