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Animation Outsourcing: The RedMachine Inc.

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Animation Outsourcing: The RedMachine Inc.

The RedMachine Incorporated is an international offshore leasing company which caters to Animation (2d/Flash), Game Design & Development (pixel/sprite/cellshaded 3d), and Website Applications Development and Design.

The company's specialty is getting the job done with efficiency, quality and providing the client with the best possible value for their investment.

Services overview

ANIMATION services ( 2d & flash)
Full scale episodes, short animation films, commercial materials, internet advertising, and multimedia presentations.

MMORPG character designs, full-scale sprite conversions, animations in cell-shaded 3d.
HTML, Flash site (full, partial, & dynamic), ASP/, % C# Apps, Intranet web software applications & Web design.

For interested clients, email or visit for further details.