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Pratt Institute???

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Pratt Institute???

i am currently attending academy of art university in san francisco, and i will be starting my second year here next fall. i have heard about pratt institute in new york though, and i have been checking it out. it's a lot more expensive than academy of art, but i understand that it's a really amazing school, and they actually have a traditional animation major, unlike the academy. does anyone know more about pratt or have suggestions as to if it would be a better school to attend?? thanks!

i have heard about pratt institute in new york though, and i have been checking it out.

I've always known Pratt as more of a design school: window displays, magazine layouts, etc.
If you're thinking of New York, consider Tisch/NYU and SVA, as well.

Not really sure, but my focus was finding a school that already taught classical/traditional animation in the first place.

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Stay at Academy. They have had a good record recently with creating some great graduates. If Pratt has a traditional program, and no one has heard about it, then chances are it's not all that great. But of course you get out of your education what you put into it.


I've heard of Pratt's animation program and from what I understand it's supposed to be pretty top-notch along with the rest of the school. I don't have first-hand experience with them this is just through the grapevine talk.

If you want a traditional program and want to stay in the Bay Area, look into San Jose State's animation program. It's part of their illustration department and is starting to attract national attention.


thanks everyone for your advice! this is really the only place i can get accurate advice about animation, and i really appreciate it!:D


Jenna, if you haven't already done so, consider joining ASIFA-SF. We have a terrific chapter with all kinds of events throughout the year. Just this past Sunday there was a "Careers In Animation" panel discussion held as SFSU with panelists from Tippet, Wild Brain, and Leap Frog. Any of our meetings is a great place to connect with animation professionals, students, and fans.

The website is www.asifa-sf.orgi