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Maya to 3D Max

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Maya to 3D Max

My question is about the differences between Maya and 3D Max. From what I am told Maya is mainly used for televison or movies while Max is used mainly for video games. I would like to learn and work on video game animation for the most part, but I have been using Maya to teach myself. Though I would have been using Max if I obtained this information earlier. Though I don't necessarily want stop learning Maya because that would be limiting myself to lesser chance in the animation business, so I would rather learn both programs. From what I am also told is that Max is pretty much the same as Maya, but the user interface is a little different. So my question is this, is this information above correct and if it is would it be a good idea to learn both programs as well what is the level of difficulty if I choose to do so?

Stick with Maya. The "Maya for movies, Max for games" advice is old and becoming less true all the time.

I teach a Maya class that has several game artists as students. They are broadening their Maya skill sets, but the important point is they are already using Maya in game production.

Autodesk recently purchased Maya and has long owned Max, so both packages are under the same roof now. I don't think they'll maintain two customer bases for long, so expect the two packages to meld together at some point in the future.

Maya is far and away the most-used 3D package in the industry, whether for games, movies, or effects.

All 3D packages have lots in common, but Maya has a nicer work flow and more logical approach to how things are accomplished than Max does - IMO of course...

Just stick to what you know...

At my last job we did cinematics for games, tv commercials etc and used Maya. Now in the current game studio I work for we use Max...I had no knowledge of Max when I sarted here but picked it up extremley fast because of my skillset in Maya. Frankly I still think Maya is the stronger of the two probably because i'm more comfortable with it. However, I wouldnt get too uptight learning I said the studio that hired me for my current job had no problem with my lack of max skills ...after all it was my animation skillset they wanted so learning how to use a different 'pencil' was not exactly a problem.