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Pencil vs Tablet/College request

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Pencil vs Tablet/College request

So im still very much a newbie concerning animation/cartooning. I really love to draw, or attempt to draw, and I have a few questions concerning "artistic mediums." I have noticed a lot of the artwork that I thought was hand drawn, was actually done using a tablet on the computer. I was like "man i really suck at this, my line quality looks horrible compared to theirs." And it probably does. But I was at least a little relieved to learn that they had done their drawings on Wacom tablets. Now, that being said, is it best if an animator/artist knows how to do BOTH? Sort of like how the really good 3D modelers can both draw on paper and model things on the computer. Or are these two worlds completally seperate?

Also, does anyone know anything about San Jose University? I have heard that it is sort of an underground school for animators.... in the sence that not many people really know about it. Any feedback or responces would be sincerely apprecieated.