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Posted a new Animation Lesson


I posted a new animation lesson on my blog

The most recent lesson deal with [B]center of gravity during movements/actions.

[/B]Just go [B]here


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hey larry,

i'm currently fixing all the necessary papers needed for me to apply in an animation school here in the philippines. kinda scared really because, exposure wise, i'd really like to study in the U.S. but the feasibility of that happening is just impossible. so i'm gonna have to make do with what we have here for now.

and i would just like you to know that i'll be keeping close tabs on your blog for extra lessons! thanks for taking time in sharing that knowledge of yours. really appreciate it chief!

really appreciate it!

thanks much! and i will! hope to return the favor someday!



If you are looking for more lessons- try my website:

There are a dozen or so basic lessons...for free.