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My new Showreel

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My new Showreel

Freshly online, all advices are welcome!

I love your style/styles Caroline. I haven't responded before because it took me this long to access it on dialup. It is a smidge heavy for those of use still accessing the web with a slow connections.

Oh, and you need to fix the way you embed your Flash in html. This link will explain.

Since the advent of IE7, you have to make adjustments.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

That's some nice stuff there. The reel flows together nicely too.

Are you using any non-vector applications?

Big Hache>I use after Effect for some animations, as well as traditional animation.
I do also a lot in Photoshop background, some characters ect...

Phacker> Thanks for the link. I had to make a choice between allowing it to upload fast for slow connection or a bigger screen for viewing. as most Agencies and Production houses have high speed connections, I made that choice.