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Toon Boom help needed!

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Toon Boom help needed!

I just bought Toon Boom for my son, and together we are trying to figure it out. Neither of us are a computer wiz.
Anyway, I have a specific question:
how do you color(ink) a picture that you import? IN other words, I can ink a picture I draw, but not a scanned drawing (saved as a BMP file). The scanned picture goes on the grid, but I can't alter it....the drawing/coloring tools aren't enabled. Any help would be appreciated...thanks

I don't have experience with Toon Boom, but I believe it is a vector environment. Meaning, scanned artwork is raster/bitmap art. In order to color it with Toon Boom's drawing tools you might need to use the scan as a template to trace over within Toon Boom, then color it.

Check the documentation on importing scanned, bitmap or raster artwork.

Hi Oldfella, and welcome to the AWN Forums.

There's have been several parents who have signed in lately who are taking an interest in their childrens' animation dreams, and that's a great thing to see. It makes me happy.

As for your Toonboom problem, I have no idea. I'm a Flash user. Toonboom should come with a quick tutorial that will walk you through the basic program. If not you can try the "help" button, usually in the far right of the menu bar up top. If you still can't figure it out, you might just have to get a Toonboom book from your local book store. That might not a bad idea. How to books usually run around $30-$45 and are pretty in-depth.

I hope you're able to get it to work.

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I will double check this when i get home, but you can import the scanned artwork and it will vectorize it. Make sure you right click one of the frames on your spreadsheet and I think it says something like "import and vectorize" or something like that. I will get everything straight later on and post.