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flash mobile content

Hello everyone ,

This is my first post, I,m a newbee to flash mobile content. I,ve worked in cell animation ,but not in flash.

I,ve been asked to do a series of animated segments or teasers (what ever you call it )for mobile. I need to do the character designs also myself. Each animation will be of 3 to 5 secs. To make it very clear ,this will be like the flash mobile contents you see in mobiles. He is a potential client who seems to have good money to do it.

Can anyone please tell me , what is the cost for per sec or min of flash animation for mobile content or what i should ask for and what is the field size ,that i need to work on this ?

Does the rates vary from what one charges for flash series and flash mobile content? This platform is much broader,so does anyone has an idea about this .I WOULD ALSO WELCOME A GENERAL DISCUSSION.
what is the amount i should ask for screensavers?I ,ve to do around 50 and I,ve no idea.Can anyone help me out?
Thank you in advance
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I think this is a good idea

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