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Need opinions on the following..

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Need opinions on the following..

Hi, I've just been accepted into the programs at the following schools, and I would love to hear some opinions before I make a decision.

1. Savannah College of Art and Design, GA, USA. BFA Animation

2. DigiPen Institute of Technology, WA, USA. BFA Production Animation

3. Bournemouth University, UK. BA Computer Visualization and Animation

4. University of Teeside, UK. BA Computer Animation

I'm leaning towards DigiPen for its unique curriculum. However, the other 3 are "proper" art schools and universities, so I'm in a bit of dilemma here.

I am not familiar with the accreditation system in the US, but from what I've read, graduates from NATIONALLY accreditated schools like DigiPen or FullSail often run into trouble transferring credits when they choose to pursue graduate degrees at REGIONALLY accreditated schools (almost every other college in the US). How true is this? Is it something I should be seriously considering about?

Please do help me out here, thank you very much!

Welcome to the AWN Forums colurblyne. What is it that you want to do? Character animation, 3D modeling, color and lighting, etc.? Knowing this will help out.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

Here is an article I wrote 5 years ago!

Here is an article I wrote a while back....

It covers it all- what to look when choosing a school.



@Animated Ape
Well.. if I had to narrow my interests down, I would say I am most interested in character animation and conceptual design. I also have an interest in scriptwriting, if it helps. I would prefer to work in a film animation industry when I graduate, as opposed to the video game industry, but I think this isn't a major concern for me at this point.

@Larry L.
Thanks for the great link! I'll go through the programs again, with the pointers you mentioned in the article in mind.

A specific question: Bournemouth's curriculum includes lots of math and technical stuff like programming. While I'm not really interested in the technical side of things, I feel that the degree would make me more employable in the long run. Could you tell me if I am right about this?

And can anybody enlighten me on the accreditation issue I mentioned in my first post?


If you want to go into animation and concept design, you are going to need an art/animation foundation. I'd suggest SCAD. They have a good art and illustration background as well as animation classes.

Unless you want to get into the programing side of things, you're not going to need a whole lot of that stuff as an animator/illustrator. I'm not saying that that wouldn't be helpfull, but the big film studios have pros that do all that stuff for them.

As for the accredidation issue, it matters if you are going to be switching schools mid degree. As for transfering to a graduate degree, I think most schools are going to make you take a lot of classes over again. Maybe some of the basic drawing classes will transfer over but thats about it. Besides, you don't need a master's degree to be an animator. You only really need one of those if you are going to be teaching at a university. Companies only care about your demo reel and how good your work is. You could be completely self taught, but if they like your work, they'll hire you.

The art fields do not follow the traditional education/job market. It's all about what you produce and not where you went to school.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

Hm.. alright Ape. Thanks again for your help!