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Advice on animating book

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Advice on animating book

Hi everyone,

I am new to AWN....glad to have found this nice little community.....Anywho, I am a published children's book author and illustrator with a book that is selling fairly well. My publisher and I have been discussing the possibility of looking for a studio to turn the book into a cartoon series and we don't know where to begin. I was wondering if anyone had advice? I'm not sure if I can post my website for people to look at my book - can I? Will wait for a response.


I don't see why you wouldn't be allowed to post a link... you're not spamming or anything... you're asking us for an opinion/help so looking at the product would be really helpful.

Then again, I'm not a mod. :D

I am starting a small studio with a unique business model to keep costs low while keeping quality high (it can be done!). I'd be interested in seeing the link to your book.

pretty sound advice. usually you will need to create a pitch book which contains relevant information about the show, its progression and its potential.

however if you have a book and a publisher it should be relatively straight if the book holds their interest.


Hi and thanks for the responses - I appreciate it. My website is http://www.marieletourneau.comif anyone would like to see the book.


I should mention....

We are looking to pitch this to a network, not produce it ourselves. My publisher simply doesn't have the funding (she produces books, not cartoons) I am basically looking for someone who may have pitched to networks before, and get some advice on how to go about it, who we might contact, that sort of thing.


You can contact any network you want to pitch to, Disney, Nick, CN, WB, etc. and ask them who you should talk to about pitching shows to. They will give you they're name and number or connect you directly to them. Then you can ask them what their criteria is for pitching shows. Then go from there.

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I've been working on a pitch book all week. My publisher is going to edit it - thanks to all for your help, and time as well!