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Accepted to SCAD! Advice?

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Accepted to SCAD! Advice?

Hey everyone. I just recently got the news that I have been accepted to Savannah College of Art and Design! Then just a day later got the news that I was awarded a substantial per-year scholarship, cutting the total cost more than half! SCAD was my top choice school, alongside CalArts which I didn't get into.

So being a current resident of Maine and future freshman at SCAD, could I have any advice? Anything from what to expect life at SCAD to be like to what laptop should I look into getting. Anypointers that may help me even the slightest would be appreciated, thank you all very much.

Dan MacKenzie

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Clay Animations:

Clay Animations:

Congratulations Dan! Thats great news. I never went there so I don't know the particulars. The only advice I can give you is take full advantage off everything the school offers, like going to as many drawing, painting and sculpture workshops out side of class that you can. Welcome to a whole new world Dan.

the Ape

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Congrats! I would have loved to attend an art school but they're just too expensive. Community college for me! :p

No art school -->

I just went to his actual physical gallery this weekend. Highly recommended to see this stuff in person. Wonder why the photos take so much life out of it...

Congrats! I wish I was in your shoes all over again. I graduated a year ago from SCAD and consider it the best 4 years of my life! joke. ...then again your college years should always be the best years of your life.

You'll find that even as an art school it maintains a unique college feel. There is so much great to do outside of class and the school is constantly bringing respectible companies to come in and interview students. ...that wont really benefit you until your last two years though.

Take advantage of EVERYTHING the school offers. When you eventually get into your core major classes work with the other students. Don't work at home by yourself. Find those better then you, befriend them, and learn from them. Surround yourself with as many talented people as you can. You'll find that Montgomery Hall (animation, VFX, interactive design building) will develop an amazing sense of culture and creativity if you surround yourself with the right people. We had a large group of students that met each other from the get go in our Animation I class worked together non stop then all found very respectible jobs after school. It works!

As for the laptop that you were mentioning I had one that worked well enough to type art history papers and surf the web from my dorm. However as I stated before I constantly worked with others using the facilities at Montgomery Hall...which worked well enough for me.

Anyways you kinda left it open ended for the type of questions you have so feel free to email me if you have any specifics. I was an RA at the dorms for a few years and know my share of SCAD life and Savannah in general. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Congrats again! I would do it all over if I could! ...but then i'd be extremley broke.

Thank you both very much! I really appriciate it. Animated Ape, I'd like to see your work but your website for some reason isn't working, maybe it's my computer I'm not sure. Rob, thanks for the big responce, it helps, I'll email you with further questions.

A big thanks to you guys and anyone else who gives me some advice.

Clay Animations:

Just wanted to throw in additional congratulations. Prepare to get yer arse kicked and walk away a better person and a more prepared artist as a result.

SCAD Answer


The years at SCAD will fly by... Rob Miler is an excellent example of someone who took his studies seriously and still had a great time socially. Rob showed leadership and he hung with the folks who drew well and they shared a great animation comraderie. The group of them were always there working together- sharing insights. Rob and Kevin Williams, Alex Manesa, Matt Orenstein and others all made themselves - HIREABLE!

Great folks to work with.....


Thanks for the kind words Larry! It means alot coming from you.

Kevin, Alex, myself and some other former SCAD folk will see you in two weeks when we return to Savannah for St. Patricks day!


Congrats, Dan! I'm in a similar situation. CalArts and SCAD were my top choices for MFA Animation programs. I got a nice fellowship from SCAD and will most likely be starting there in the fall. Maybe I'll see ya around.



Huh? I hear Cal Arts has a great program with wonderful industry ties!

::Respectfully takes foot out of mouth::