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Anyone in North Carolina???

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Anyone in North Carolina???

Specifically interested in the Research Triangle area or Charlotte (or within an hour or so of either place).

My wife just won a fellowship at the National Humanities Center for next year, and I'm weighing the pros and cons of moving out there with her for the year or us doing the weekend thing again.

If you're around any of those places, I'm curious what the art/animation community is like there. Studios? Schools? Festivals? Anything you can think of that may be relevant.


Hello Moose

How are you?

I'm up in NC for the weekend.

NC seems to have a very vibrant arts council that sponsors lots of events. I'm in Winston-Salem.

They seem much more organized than Georgia with grants and such. Of course this is Tobacco Road, ACC land so there are schools all over the place. I have a friend whose a painter whose teaching in Eastern NC.

By the way you should check out my website for animation lessons- FREE.

Drop me a line if you have any other questions.



There is a growing animation business in NC. Not sure if you are planning on working for a specific company or if you will service your clients from NC. Concering Raleigh, there are several game studios, Epic, Redstorm, and several more in Morrisville, RTP area...
This area has worked for us. Our clients and studios are worldwide. Our business model involves production, distribution and funding of animated properties.
Hope this helps

Best Regards

David Franks
U.S.Animation Sales
Raleigh, NC 27614

Thank you, both!

sent you PMs...