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Finding Animation Business Is Difficult

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Finding Animation Business Is Difficult


I am part of a Information technology company which is in it's initial stage.We want to establish ourself in the feild of animation.Though we are doing business with a few people but it is more towards video editing then animation.I am trying my best to find work.There are no b2b sites for animation and the only imppressive site related to animation is this very site.where can i find good work.............?:confused:

i think its a mixed bag like other business.

Its volume versus payoff.

Animation is more qualitative unlike other technology jobs like say programming.

Like with us we outsource programmers and take bit of quantity to achieve good dollar amount on that. With Animation it could be one gig and reach the same dollar amount.

We are also new to animation business. I am thinking about taking our work to various expos. And see what happens.



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Suggestion Please

Please give some suggestions..........How to go about finding business in animation? (SITES HELPFULL IN FINDING BUSINESS AND GETTING USEFUL INFORMATION)
This is an important topic and would really help me and a few others who are beginners in the business of animation.....

If you are an actual company then I would suggest looking a few of the studios that do animation like Disney, Dr. Movie, and etc if you cant hire animators under you own roof. Also you need to decide what kind of animation you are looking for...3D, 2D, Western-style(flash), Eastern-style(anime), etc.

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Thanks for your reply.As i have mentioned before that we are in our intial stage and the companies that you have mentioned are huge they will not give you work if you have not done this kind of work before.As for the other part we can do flash and 2d work.Is there any site where i can get data on animati:confusedon other then this one?:confused:

It's really very hard

It's really very hard

Besides the fact that it is

Besides the fact that it is difficult to find it. It is also not so easy to manage. I want to start a business and for this I am currently reading essays on Business Ethics, I use the helpful site for this. Now I am doing everything in order to learn how to manage a company. It is very important for me.