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Free 2D Animation Software?

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Free 2D Animation Software?

There must be some that exist. I've heard there's a good one called 'Money Bone' which includes a line testing feature, but couldn't find anything on it.

I think you might mean Monkey Jam and yes it's a good linetester.

For drawing animation directly into your computer check out Plastic Animation Paper.


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Claire O'

Sorry to dig this up. Been forgetting to come here. :o

Thanks for the replies.
Monkey Jam must have been the one, lol. Monkey Bone is a cool movie. :D
PAP looks excellent! Downloading it now. Can't wait to try it out.
I do have Macromedia flash, but I find it an awkward program to use, especially for classical animation.

EDIT: Actually, I'm stupid.
Just had a quick play around with Flash again, and figured out all the commands that I need to use.
PAP is great but I can't spend that kind of money to get the full version. A bit of a disappointment that they won't even include the blue pencil or any number of layers on the free version.

Great links! :eek:

Flash can be better if you use a graphics tablet (like I do now...about a week after disowning drawing in Flash in a topic on these forums...LOL...:rolleyes:).

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You could make "Monkey Bone" using "monkeyjam".... :D

Free Animation software

Here's one that is pretty cool. Very simple though.

^ Haha. Yeah, that's how it was with me, but once you've learned how to use it properly, it's great (not that it actually needs to be said, otherwise it wouldn't be so popular, lol).