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New web series (feedback appreciated)

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New web series (feedback appreciated)

Hello all,

I've gotten the first 3 episodes of my web series completed. There are going to be more and possibly a movie starring the characters.

The Main (cliched) Characters:

Joe- The bumbling, steak loving, burger loving, but (somewhat) lovable father.

Martha- The extremely ugly mother who is the voice of reason in the family. She fears dentistry in any way shape or form.

Jack- The typical goth rebellious teenager.

Susie- The cute little girl with an... evil.. problem. She has a split personality.

Other Characters: (these will make regular appearances)

Father George- The priest at "Ardale Catholic church" where Joe and his family attend.

Brother Bill- The extremely radical Catholic-hating fundamentalist preacher at "The True Church of Ardale".

Jobey the Waiter- The very stupid and drunk waiter at "Brad's Burgers", Joe's favorite resturaunt.

Dr. Kenny- The family dentist whom Martha fears.

Take a look here:

I plan to get at least 2 episodes (between 3 and 7 mins each) out a month.

James :cool: