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NEW Spherical Panoramic Photograph DVD by Gnomon - $50

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NEW Spherical Panoramic Photograph DVD by Gnomon - $50

Selling NEW in Box with seal - Pickup only (Los Angeles area - West Hollywood)

Introducing panoramic photography for digital set building, photographer Greg Downing walks you through a step-by-step-process of creating high-resolution omni-directional panoramas. This highly detailed description starts with an equipment survey, revealing all relevant photography instructions and demonstrations. Using a normal film or digital camera with Realviz Stitcher, Greg provides a complete guide to image stitching, culminating in some some exciting ways to use your panoramas for 3D, visual effects, print or the web.

5 hours of lecture.

Product Code: GDO01

Equipment Overview
Photography for Panoramas
Calibrating Equipment

Turning 3D Creations into Panoramas
Avoiding & Repairing Bad Stitches
Stitching in Realviz Stitcher

01. Introduction / Eagle Rock
02. Equipment Overview
03. Removing Paralax from Pan and Tilt
04. How Many Photos?
05. Shooting a Panorama
06. Processing your Images Before Stitching
07. Importing Images
08. Calibration
09. Moving images
10. Stitching and Working Around Problems
11. Closing the Panorama
12. Tilted Rows and Caps