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I really like the poses. They look very thought out and aren't stiff at all. Your art has a nice flow to it. It's very captivating. @v@

Thanks Ryuu! Hope to see your artwork up soon :)

More Dr Sketchy's - The V Dentatas, some weird and wonderful plastic props, and an audience volunteer...

And on the chocolate front, I did get shortlisted, and invited to an afternoon tea where they fed us heaps of chocolate (both in liquid and solid form), and then announced the winners....I didn't win. But I do have a nice little stash of chocolate from the goody bags they gave out :P

Hi Rach,

I like your clouds - they're very expressive. I also like the cartoony style of your characters from the last Dr. Sketchies. My hubby and I finally braved going to the Dr. Sketchies in Toronto as that session seemed a little tamer for our first time (the model was a belly dancer) Interesting venue and setup for sure. Thanks for sharing. :)

Nice job,you are very good in sketching..
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Just had to share these ones, from a life drawing super-special session :D Started very innocently with 2 models, then every 5 minutes another one joined in until we had a whole mob. The really scribbly ones are 5-minute poses (yes my arm was hurting from scribbling in a blind panic!!). The one with coloured-pencil highlights is my favourite. Done on the back of a sliced-up Ikea brown paper bag!!

Also includes corsets, boofy skirts, and The Naked Cellist :D

mywork08, you should really start your own thread for your work.

here we are for sharing not to promote ourself. right?

Hi mywork08

Lovely drawing....definitely start your own sketch thread :)

here we are for sharing not to promote ourself. right?

The reason to start your own thread is so we can find your work. Your work is really good, keep sharing.

Nice work. I still remember old days when i use to work without vacom it's fun these days.

fire, ice & sugar

Fanart of a comical ballet called Gala Performance...working without photo reference, I got the costumes pretty much all wrong except for the colours. But I like to think I've captured the dancers' personalities...or just their walks :D (orange/red one is the fiery Italian, the blue one is the icy Russian, and the pink one is the sugary-sweet French girl)


Sketch dump! From the last Dr Sketchy's session I went to....

les sylphides

dancers. again. :D
(Artline pen bleeds most satisfyingly, and into shades of purple and green, when you add water!)


The search engine is not working so I am not sure if I have said this before but I think you should think about enrolling into Animation Mentor.

Hi Wontobe

I actually left Animation Mentor about 3 weeks into Term 1, because they would only teach 3D (with the option to dabble in 2D?), and it was a lot of time and loose change to spend learning something I wasn't wild about.... I wish there was one like that for 2D, I loved the experience!! So far I'm pushing myself to keep drawing, and working through some online animation tutorials... and I'm applying to do a one-year grad dip in animation next year, God willing :D That's not ideal either, as down under they seem to teach a bit of everything and you have to work around your limitations to make your film... but hey, it's all about The Story :D We'll see how that goes!

I made this sketch for Glen Keane :D (well actually I spent hours drawing and re-drawing one with four dancers holding hands, then realised I'd completely lost the plot, tossed it all aside and did this little throwaway one instead. Wonder what happens to fan mail....hmmm....)

[backstory: Disney animation art retrospective opens in Melbourne; they fly Roy Conli and Glen Keane down to give a lecture and then sign copies of the exhibition catalogue after; I wag half a Friday's worth of work; I now have Roy's and Glen's autographs, and a big stupid smile]


As always, you line look really great. You should look at this link.

Drawing a mob of life models, in a warm studio on a cold rainy Sunday afternoon. Cake and pastries included :D

Hi, That sketch is loose and cool! Lovin the ballerinas on the previous page!

Thought I'd post some animatic/storyboard panels from my current Major Project. A rat, six "little rats" (i.e. students) in a Paris Opera ballet class, a ballet master, and a fruit tart.

caught on Candid Sketchbook (tm), from the next table in a cafe :D I just thought it was a really cute moment...


That was a nice snap shot. What are your thoughts on Wacom's new Inkling?
Would you prefer scanning in your drawings over using the digital pen?

Wontobe: My first reaction was "Wow! Awesome!", followed by "Do they have them in fountain pen?" :D I've seen digital pens before, but they're more for note-taking than drawing. Would be curious to try the Inkling...

Showreel v1.0, just bits from my student films this year. I was going to include some class exercises, but having made the two films, all my prior work looks terrible in comparison :eek: So, I'm trying to make some fresh work to put in as well.

Love the mouse. I remember those ballerina sketches.

Couple of things I've done recently. One is a caricature of my friends' cat, the other a contest entry (there's a little icon in the top right hand corner to indicate what the original template was).

And also some rough work from my student film:

wow back at ya Rach wonderful work and am loving the student film work. Looks like a lot of fun! and wow I'm digging your style.

Your have great talents in this field,I like your works a lot!;)

Not a sketch, graduation film screened at my friendly neighbourhood animation festival yesterday, and so I bought a tiny cupcake to go with the free tix :D


well tell us more how was it recieved? and how did that yummy cupcake taste lol?

Truth is, a lot of directors can't stand watching their own films, because all they see is mistakes :D But the audience applauded every film, and laughed at all the right moments, so it's all good. Auteur-type animation festivals are quite a mixed bag; some films are stunning to look at and have great narratives/concepts, and others obviously never got seen by an editor before being unleashed on the world.

And cake is always good. As are free tickets.

Howdy again.....Wow that must have been fun. So can one view your animation on your blog? I'd love to see it. I have to agree with you too. that Cake is always good lol

Nice studies, I haven't picked up a loomis book yet, but definitely will soon. Have you ever gone through a Burne Hogarth book? They're really great for anatomy.

I've got Dynamic Anatomy lying around somewhere - it was really useful for basic rules on constructing bodies from scratch.

Did this one a few weeks ago, from a mental snapshot. Trying to do the Glen Keane thing and draw people on the street. I also did two sessions of life drawing today, which was rather frustrating. Seems like illustration/caricature and nude-live-person-drawing are at odds with each other. Improve one and the other goes to pieces. Then again maybe it's just me :eek:

love it, looks very loose and fun, keep up the good work.

Allrighty, I think I'm done submitting to film festivals, so here's my student film in all its glory:

If anyone's curious, I've also got a portfolio at and sort of sketchblog at :D

That was an excellent clip, was this a story you found or one you made up?

Thanks Wontobe! That was my entire student film :D

Made up the story. Little students at the Paris Opera Ballet School are known as "petits rats", so it was just a case of rat vs "rat". Made the whole thing from scratch in one semester including the soundtrack performance, so obviously it is a bit raw-looking and I didn't get a chance to fix the sliding feet! Spent weeks sweating over the dancers, and the rat stole the show....

excellent short! great story, the rat reminds me somewhat of the squirrel from ice age. Well done!

Wow your work is great, well

Wow your work is great, well done!