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Hi all!

Just trying out my brand new lovely shiny Wacom tablet, as I am gearing up to start Animation Mentor in April. Sketches based on various ballerinas dancing the Dying Swan (DVD of assorted Kirov dancers). And yes I do take ballet lessons myself, though not on pointe!

Ginger! Looks great. nice study, cool colours and texture


Still life, small plastic My Little Pony with way more tangled hair than I've managed to paint :P (my 8yo self did quite a thorough job on all 6 in my collection!)

Chairman: I'm just using the bog-standard Painter Essentials that came with my tablet...maybe someday I'll cough up for the full version?

Red Riding Hood

Just thought of this while bored out of my skull at work...

Great pic I absolutly love art nuvoe.....I studied a ton of old poster work by sign writers of the day and you captured it.

my sister had one just like that

looks great, dont think you need the full painter!

Some really crappy scribbles - revisiting the Disney Australia internship I didn't get before they closed down, and rabbits at the pet shop.

So cute it'll make you sick! :)


putting the Animation Mentor stick figure mascot (?) through its paces...

thanks! I was going to do a bit more swirly stuff in the background but there's never enough time...

like everyone else has said I enjoy the flow of your sketching I can feel your thoughts and construction with my eyes. And thats cool.


A couple more sketches...don't quite like these as much, but sometimes the more you do the worse you get :P

Haven't just been goofing off :p Quick sketches of Richard Simmons (somebody posted a video of him on Whose Line Is It Anyway on my Facebook page!), Plan 9 From Outer Space (watched it last night, so bad it's hilarious), and a couple of quick-ish painting studies. The tomato one isn't quite as slimy as I'd like, but that is an accurate tally of how many light sources there are in my room :) and I've been meaning to do some fabric studies. I've also been mucking around on, but either turned out unspeakably bad work or given up altogether. And now I'm off to drown my sorrows in chocolate.... :D

Drifting through the city on the way home from work, stopped by the pet shop again. One solitary cocker spaniel pup in a cage crying its eyes out :(


Gone Social. Semi-regular post-it note sketches, due to serious lack of drawin' time.

Your work has a nice flow to it. Keep up the excellent work.

Reality is stranger than Fantasy

throwing out a question just for the heck of it...

I was picked up by someone from a game company while sketching in a gallery late last year (Pixar 20 year retrospective!); a job offer to be a 2D concept artist followed, which I'm now kicking myself for not taking up because I couldn't start right away. Which has set me to wondering what sort of artistic work I could get in Australia with my current skill level... Just games? Animation pre-production? Any other ideas?

I puked. haha joke

Yes tis cute. I like your leeks also


drawn from DVD of Swan Lake, starring Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev. Haven't quite managed to show just how much blue eyeshadow Nureyev was wearing....or the bright pink lipstick :D

long weekend

Sunday, I went to a chocolate shop / cafe with a friend, as we do quite often - saw that they were having a fill-in-the-blank art contest, decided to go for it...then discovered I basically had a day and a half to get it done! My friend also lent me her entire marker collection, because I only have about a dozen and the really important ones are dried out. The finished product is a bit of a surprise to me, but I'm not sure what I was aiming for anyway. My contributions are the bunny-genie and the stunned Ma Bunny on the right, and the marker rendering. There are 2 prizes, both involving money for art pursuits and a year's supply of really good chocolate, but I'm not holding my breath :p


1: saw this lady walking through a shopping centre, chatting on a mobile phone. I got a very quick sketch down on paper but only just got round to doing the Painter sketch. Hair and trousers and ginormous pearls are about right, the rest is a little hazy :)
2: kids watching a street artist
3: random assortment of character shapes; no I'm not bored out of my skull at work, why do you ask? :D

those are nice observational sketches!

what do you do for work?

I'm an architect (4 years in the real world, i.e. still got the training wheels on!) All of the stress, none of the glory :p Also trying to switch to...well, something in the way of concept art? Not quite sure how to go about it.

PS: I see you've been to Melbourne! (which is where I am, btw) :)

Hi Rach3 you are a skilled artist. These are great!

My only crit is that I would like to see them embedded in your posts rather than having to click on thumbnails to see them.

Keep up the good work,

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Claire O'

Nice work, and yea the Wacom is one piece of equiptment I'd never give up.

still life, garlic

Just thought I'd start doing a (near-)daily still life study, just as a warm-up...this ended up taking 2 hours :eek: , it's way past bedtime, and my hand is protesting.


stopped by the pet shop on my way home from work last night...


Basilio pretends to stab himself (being very careful to land on his cloak!); also dying swans and a lot of flapping around

Hey there, nice sketches you have above. And the dog paint is looking great. You really capture the feel of his fur. Hes cute too :D

just a quick warm up

and I've just eaten the model, and it was yummy :)


Nice work!

BTW...Cats rule!


Lighting studies and heads, after Andrew Loomis's Figure Drawing for All It's Worth

anatomy studies, analysing :) out of Bridgman's Constructive Anatomy. neck-to-shoulders is a really tricky connection to get right...

mini pumpkin

...bought on impulse at the supermarket. They're really small, about the size of an orange. And I've now got to figure out how to cook them :)


mmm this looks good enough to eat

which you already did

more scribbles: beginnings of a black/white swan illustration, that creepy mask character from Spirited Away, and some Burne Hogarth studies.

... more sketches from the Nutcracker...

So cute it'll make you sick! :)

I hurled too! :rolleyes:

But seriously...cute! And the last pic is grape!! er...great!


Rach.....You need to post more! love the cats

Happy holidays!

Half a wall of thumbnails....fingers crossed I actually finish this piece and have something for my showreel!

Edit to add: I'm working off video reference, but spent all my evenings this week sketching quick gestures frame by frame. Even if you traced off highly exaggerated movements (e.g. stage performers who practically fly instead of jump), they'd still look kind of wooden and lifeless. So, this is what the old masters mean when they say to capture the spirit of the movement :)

nice studies there!
i really like those of the facial structures on the black blue background.
i think that makes it look more than just a sketch.

Did this last night for's daily sketch thread, theme being "White stone castle runs right up the side of cliff edge". And, well, the irony is that I'm an architect! (probably haven't had to construct a perspective view since 2nd year uni?)


Some rough work for a (hypothetical) Red Riding Hood. On paper because it's hard to do more work at the computer after a full day of drafting. I keep reaching for Ctrl-Z even when drawing on paper! :eek:

hahaha it's actually a very small plum....I think I've seen bigger olives :D

did ya win, did ya win??

Cool image. I like how you've done the colour

I went to see the Nutcracker last night - beautiful dancing, stunning costumes. The visual equivalent of a sugar high :) and I'm beginning to discover what the Wacom is capable of...


Thanks Heathen! I do get derailed quite a lot with just placing features on faces - that and fitting heads onto necks...

*sniff* nope. I did get an Honourable Mention, but there were no prizes involved in that! I'm just miffed about not getting the year's supply of chocolate, really - that stuff is good but expensive :P

Ach! An honourable mentions doesn't quite match up to a years supply of chocolate. But look on the bright side. Not winning is better for your health! haha

First pic is a lump of ginger...hasn't turned out quite right, but I'm done with it. And the second one was the guy sitting across from me on the tram this morning, staring off into space :)

Don Q

sketches from the Australian Ballet's Don Quixote last weekend (guest starring Ethan Stiefel of Centre Stage fame!!) - Basilio and Kitri. Sketches of Don Q himself to follow...