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Lucky Bob's Time Machine 2 (FINISHED film)

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Lucky Bob's Time Machine 2 (FINISHED film)

After 6 months of hard work Lucky Bob's Time Machine 2, the long awaited sequel to Lucky Bob's Time Machine, is now up on the web!

The Plot:
Evil Barney survies the space station explosion from 'Lucky Bob's Time Machine' and comes back to finish off Lucky Bob and at the same time tries to take over the world (again). It's up to Lucky Bob, Dr. Al, Tim and the Time Machine to stop him.
With new characters and animation plus all new original music by Aaron Long this promises to be Lucky Bob's finest achievement to date!

This movie is important to me for several reasons:

1. It's my first movie to use entirely original music (except for the end song in the credits). The composer for this movie was a great and talented guy named Aaron Long.

2. This movie is my second longest movie. Death From Above beats it by 24 seconds.

3. As you will see, this has probably the best animation of my three long movies.

Take a look and tell me what you think! Be sure to vote in the poll also!