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Animator's Block?

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Animator's Block?

Anyone here ever go through a spell of artist's block? I used to work in the industry, but for the last few years I've hit a dry-spell...had no desire to draw, and yet my interest in animation hasn't waned. Pixar is about the only studio that still lights my fire. Everytime I see one of their films, I get all nostalgic and down, especially since so many of my classmates and former co-workers are listed in the credits. I could certainly stand to spend more time on my own stuff, and I have all I need to do the work, but the drive is gone. Anyone here come across -- and more importantly, get out of -- such a slump? Sincere, constructive responses, folks.

I've felt I've been in a slump for years, but I took a little trip to Disneyland this past August and it helped remind me what it was all about.

They say that it all started with a mouse, but I think that's innaccurate.

It all started with a CARTOON.

Visiting the Park again, seeing all those people reacting to all that stuff and realizing where it all came from re-lit some lights in me that had been dimmed for quite some time.

Go back to what/where you started from. Find out what was there, and bring it forward to right now. If you need to take a trip, take it.
Years ago I realized what my career was all about, what the root idea of my being here was---all I do it try to somehow pay tribute to that idea in every drawing I do.
Creativity is a journey, not a destination. Blocks are a respite, a time to re-fuel--use them as such.

"We all grow older, we do not have to grow up"--Archie Goodwin ( 1937-1998)

Bluecad, all I have to say is, I hear ya.
Ken, I hear ya too. Now if someone can tell me how to go back to that wonderment I held as a 6 year old.

I'm glad to hear that artist block is not uncommon. I seem to be going through it right now myself. All I need is to give myself a little boost and I'll be back on track. Keep remembering why your here and everything will work out!:D


Yeah, it's happened to me before quite a few times when I am really tired or when I get depressed and say "what's the point?".
Usually when that happens I watch a classic Disney movie or talk to one of my good friends or something and it pumps me back up :)


after I read Bluecad1's story. I realise that it can happen to everyone...
I ever experience that too. I like drawings, it has become part of my life. untill one day, I started my study in Animation (which actually urges you to draw more often!) at first it was allright. but then, as time g oes by and assignments came in. I found myself stuck in drawings, and ideas. I become stress becuase I have to adapt with my new environment and culture so it affects my study as well. all things are new so I have to get use to with it. but the things that keep my fire on is Disney, and I also has a senior whose works are on the board, and her works are awesome! I always take a look at her drawings and keep on dreaming. slowly, I force myself, I bought studio Gibli's movie, Disney movie (not much tho) and I keep my eyes and my mind refocus again by looking at my senior's work and my teacher's work. I take a look at their blog which connects me with another artist so that it can give me some inspiration. so now, I realise that Im not going to waste my skill, and my dream. my senior also said to me that it will be good to surround ourselves with things that motivate us, eg:animation's books, illustration's books.

keep it up! refocus again! you are not the only one who ever experience this...

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Sow an Action, Reap a Habit
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