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Audin's Gallery

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Audin's Gallery

Hi everyone.

Here is my gallery thread. I hope you enjoy my work.

Bye for now,


Hi Audin

Hi Audin,

I like the Flash work. The shading is very good. It is evident that you can pull off a manga style which works. I usually see fan art manga, which is fine, but doesn't look that impressive.

Like someone mentioned in one of the threads it would be nice to see if you can work in any other styles? Do you have your own distinctive style?

Good work! Lets see more...


Nicely done...welcome to our community.

Those characters follow the Digimon design too strictly for my taste. Do you have other characters in different styles to show?

Welcome to the thread!

nice character designs......hope to see more and post up other things so we may see your range of work too.


Hey there. Aside from what everyone else has said, I like that you made the sneakers look, well, like sneakers. Nice to keep an eye for the little details :)