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MDF Paintable and Accordion Doors

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MDF Paintable and Accordion Doors

Moulded Door panels are made by converting wood into fiber via a refinery process. Fibers are then mixed with glue and other chemicals and set. Moulded door panels are shaped in multi – layered presses giving it its shape. The moulded door panels are then packaged after sizing and prepainting processes.

Moulded Doors are shaped from a sheet of wood, PVC or fiberboard and then bonded to a timber frame. They are often classic in design with moulded panels. Deep moulded doors are manufactured to specification in a full range of sizes and patterns, finished with white primer.

Camden, Continental, Avalon, and Colonial are the most popular American type moulded doors.

Moulded doors are available in great styles and decorative looking in a variety of colours, unlike before when moulded doors were available in white colour only. Moulded doors can be light or heavy depending on the requirement in the structure.

Installing a moulded door is simple and quick. Moulded doors are durable and hygienic and if the colour wears of after sometime it is possible to do repaint the moulded door.

Moulded Doors could also be paneled hardwood, pine interior, moulded interior, and MDF paintable and accordion doors. Moulded door frameworks are filled with light or heavy type fillings depending on where and how they are to be installed.

Moulded doors are available in great many with different types of materials being used such as veneer, and various types of woods carved out beautifully, lovely panel designs to cater to every customer’s need. You could have wooden doors, doors made from wood, PVC, hollow doors, or simply sliding doors, screen doors and many more.

Moulded doors can be used in commercial premises, public places such as hospitals and also in living accommodations where there is a requirement for a sturdy and durable door.

There are different types of moulded doors available both for the interior and exterior of a structure.

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