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Character Designs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Character Designs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are character designs for an animated short I recently pitched in Israel. The name of the film is Patriot.

Good work

Good work.

It this a 2D or CG film?

You might do some turn-a-rounds so you can see the character from all angles (front, side, 3/4 front, 3/4 back, etc.).




These are for a 2D short, I plan to do it in Mirage (if I get the grant...). Unprofessionally enough though - I never did these in turnaround - I just wanted them to look all pretty for the pitch. I did slave over the overall design until I reached this outcome - I will post images from different stages of design (some of them a little disturbing...)

By the Way...

I go to SCAD (getting my MA).



I have heard of SCAD:)

How I got there....

some designs I considered and then discarded...

For some reason, none of RoyPaul's images are NOT coming through. Larry, are you using some different plug-ins? I am on Safari and I have most of the common imaging stuff.

Very Nice Development

Very nice development...Roy.

Seems as though you went from squat to elongated...ever thought of a kind of mixture of the two approaches....just a thought....Roy

Wontobe, no plug in....just the normal attachment procedures...


Looking good

Nice work Roy
Don´t you have any backgrounds, or more artwork you can show us???
I can see you have characters from the I WW and others from the II WW.
What´s the story about? Can you share with us?

Keep up...

Yes I can.

The pitch is for a grant offered by the Israeli Lottery and Gambling Association (seriously) for the development and production of an animated short about something from the history of Israel/ Jewish history.
My pitch tells the story of A German Jewish Officer in WWI (there where100,000 of them - most in combat duty - many killed injured and awarded medals...) That 25 odd years later finds himself in a Nazi concentration camp. He insists on wearing his medal to one of the inspections, and has an encounter with the SS officer with whom he shares a moment in the past - and future....Hillarity ensues.
I hope it gets picked or it will never see the light of day!!! Its also based on (sort of) a true story.

I will also post a BGD sample - although I am not sure its the final look.


Patriot - BGD Sample

keep up...

that´s what our life is all about, isn't it???
I really enjoy your work, roy and the idea looks appealig. Wish u luck and any artwork you want to share with our guest...

see ya

Thanks, I sure will!

By the way - I really loved your blog! Your artwork is very cool - just the kind of stuff I like.... you can check mine out on:

Niiiiiice blog

Yap....I suspected u had a wide range of kind of artist :-P
I checked your school films and they look pretty cool. Not the kind of animation u see in children TV channels...but the kind of animation I like to watch.
I think your animation style fulfils the purpose of your movies. You don’t have to animate in Disney style to be considered a good animator. At least I hope so. I’m not a very good animator either. That's why I'm focused on pre-production.
Keep posting Roy (in your blog and here). I’ll be a regular visitor...

See ya