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Hi Guys! New Stuff!!!

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Hi Guys! New Stuff!!!


Hi! My name is Roy Iddan and I am an animator and illustrator (2D) soon to be getting my MA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. I would like to Introduce you to my work:
follow this link and you will find one of my animated shorts:
from it you will be able to navigate to other pieces by me.

this link:

is my illustration and art for animation portfolio.
would love to hear comments!


Which is yours?

Hello Roy,

Which film are you referring to?



I was refering to "Routine", but attached is the URL for all of my films on Aniboom. I think the best ones are "Life Insurance" (a bit long...), "Routine" and "Vomit":

and this is a link to my non-animated work:


Thank you very much for sharing your films! Routine, Life Insurance are really wonderful films! I am going to be showing these to my buddies at work tomorrow! Wow, I really hope you are sending them to festivals and such! I watched your other shorts, I especially got a guilty chuckle from "vomit".

- Matt
Character Animator - Lucas Arts


"Life Insurance" went to a couple of festivals. Thanks for the support and kind words!