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can anyone Animate with FLASH??

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can anyone Animate with FLASH??

Can anyone create animation with flash!! if so i need help on how to do this!!
i want to import my drawings into the program and work from there.

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flash movieclips?

I have a question about flash movie clips -I'm a little confused with the tutorials online. I want a movie clip to play when a button is pressed. Do I need to put the movie clip on stage or can I just refer to it when it's in the library? I tried all the methods but couldn't make it work even if I defined the targetpath correctly. Can anyone help?

If they aren't on the stage then you have to create a linkage to the clip in the library by:

1. Right click yourclip in the library and choose linkage
2. Click the export for actionscript checkbox.
3. Verify the name of the link in the text box (linkedmc)
4. click ok. This should make it work.

You'll also have to create an empty container mc to load the external clips into.

on (release) {
loadMovie("linkedmc", "container");

or as2 version:
on ([COLOR=darkorange]release) {
gotoAndPlay (1);
If they are external clips/swfs then the script would look like this:

on (release) {
loadMovie("yourmovie.swf", "container");

or as2 version:
on ([COLOR=green]release) {
gotoAndPlay (1);
But make sure if loading external clips/swfs you keep them in the same directory as the original swf.

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can anyone Animate with FLASH??

Yes, ANYONE can animate with Flash!!


There's lots of information on how to do character animation in Flash on the web. Check out and for details, but basically here's what you do:

*chop your characters up into pieces that will animate (head, neck, torso, upper arms, lower arms, hands, etc). The degree you chop to is up to you.

*combine the chopped pieces into nested symbols, where you create a hierarchy.

*animate the hierarchies with motion tweens.

There are other ways to go too, but this is the most common. You'll probably also get involved with symbol substitutions, where you swap one hand pose for another, as an example.

You could also use a product like Anime Studio (formerly Moho) to create a bone structure that will animate your drawings. You can download a trial copy from the site and see if you like it.

the only thing i would recommend is chop only the pieces you need. not all of them.