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Prescott Wright R.I.P.

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Prescott Wright R.I.P.

Just got some very sad news from ASIFA-SF. Prescott Wright passed away last night after a long illness.

For those who don't recognize the name, Prescott was instrumental in creating the Ottawa festival, and was involved with the Tournee of Animation for many years. We in the Bay Area were fortunate to have him as the vice-president of our ASIFA chapter for several years.

For more info on Pres and his contribution to independent animation:

where did u hear this from?

it's not a big surprise since he suffered with an alzheimers-like illness for a few years. stiil, sad. very sad. and yes, from an Ottawa perspective,we've lost yet another important player in the creation of the OIAF.

chris robinson

I got the news from Karl Cohen, the ASIFA-SF president, who received it from Prescott's daughter. Karl was trying to find out why some of the christmas cards sent to Prescott had been returned. He'd been moved from the nursing home he'd been at to a hospital a couple of weeks ago.