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Hello Gang - Long Time No Post!

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Hello Gang - Long Time No Post!

Hi Everyone-

Gosh, I haven't been here since May! Yikes!
But that doesn't mean I haven't been busy! Of course my day job takes up a lot of time - but I've been doing some experimental work in my free time with new software apps and I wanted to share the results with you.

This little short was made as an "inside joke" for some friends at work - so the story may not make much sense to you, but I'm sharing it more to show off a new process I've been tinkering with. I used 3D, video footage and photographs to create a 2D look - it's *different* if nothing else! LOL! :D

I hope this note finds you all enjoying the Holiday Season. I'm starting on my new project now - pen and ink drawings animated ... lots and lots of little lines to deal with :p - wish me luck! ;) I'll post a WIP as soon as I have something nailed down!

Best wishes to all!
Anim8tor Cathy